Staywell Portal V6

From 2011 to 2016 I was the Senior UI/UX Designer at Staywell. In that time I designed multiple user/participant portals for the health and wellness company’s millions of users at fortune 500 organizations around the globe. This version was the final Portal version I designed between 2015 and 2016 and the company’s sixth version of the Staywell Portal. In this version users can access custom health content, take a complete HRA health assessment, interact with health coaches, connect to wearables like Fitbit, read and send messages, and more.

Senior UX Designer + Product Architect

Hans Hage, Product Manager + VP of Technology
Aubrey Olson, Information Architect + Product Architect + Product Owner



Staywell - Self Directed Coaching


Self-Directed Coaching UI, UX and Content for Staywell. SDC is an interactive teaching app that guides a user, step-by-step, from contemplation-to-action in a fully engaged healthy lifestyle.

A few numbers on the proven UX and usability of Self-Directed Coaching

Topics for Self-Directed Coaching

The user selects a topic and begins a short Q&A:

Several topics in progress:

The design is an entirely responsive system built on Bootstrap and created with mobile friendly patterns.

After the Q&A, the user is then offered a series of five activities based on three learning modes: Learn, Plan, and Use. They must interact with a minimum amount of content in each Learn, Plan, and Use subset to move onto the next activity.

The app features various tracking and education resources

Goal Setting for Self-Directed Coaching

Activity Tracking for Self-Directed Coaching

Quizzes for Self-Directed Coaching

Video UI and UX for Self-Directed Coaching


Video (animation and voiceover) for Self-Directed Coaching

Slideshow tool UI and UX for Self-Directed Coaching

Serving Sizes for Self-Directed Coaching

Articles for Self-Directed Coaching

Infographic UI and UX for Self-Directed Coaching