Experiential Design Projects

by Dave Koehler

Whole Foods


South Carolina has amazing folk art and when I worked in baseball, in the Carolina League, I fell in love with the south in a million ways. The art nature and people infiltrated everything I think, feel and consequently design. When Whole Foods Market was open for a designer...


Eagan, mn

In 2012 I began designing this fifth release portal application for StayWell. The project was to complete a full UX analysis and redesign the UI with the findings. The former portal was a waterfall of years of changes and updates that had become unmanageable so we started from scratch...


Bintsley Wedding

Red wing, mn

Wedding invite for for Rebecca and Daniel Bentley. Lazer Cut in Minneapolis at Feyereisen Studios.

Sun Country Airlines

Minneapolis, mn

I designed the 25th Anniversary Logo for the well-loved Minnesota based Airline.  I also tended the brand and created many print, web and email campaigns between 2006 and 2007. It was my very first full time design job!




Once asking a friend for advice; I was told - "Don't put things into the world that you don't think belong in the world." The trick with that advice, is that it opens up the question...

"What do you think belongs in the world?"

I took it to heart and took a run at putting things into the world with tremendous respect to the user. For example, how a kid would feel picking up a brand new pack of colored pencils or how it would feel to log into a new corporate wellness website for the first time in years and finally feel like a respected human being?

I have also worked extensively in the New York City comedy scene as a graphic designer, UX consultant, and illustrator which began in a role at SuperMango Media and continues with Cave Comedy Radio.

You can also see my work completed as UI, UX, toys, interiors, motion graphics, packaging, illustration, graphic design, painting, typography, copywriting, photography, voice, marketing, social, 3D, and there was an ice sculpture once as well...

I was born in Chicago, raised in the suburbs of Minnesota and the wilds of Wisconsin, and working in Minneapolis, NYC, San Diego, and the South East since 2006, I now call Linden Hills, Minneapolis home.


Email: davekoeh@gmail.com

Insta: Kodav


Grain/Whole Foods // Atlanta (2013/14)
StayWell // St.Paul (2011 – present)
Mindware // Minneapolis (2011)
Supermango // Manhattan (2010 – 2011)
KDC (Freelance) // MPLS/Brooklyn (2008 – 2010)
SunCountry // Minnetonka (2006 – 2008)


Whole Foods Market, Time Warner, BP, AT&T, Nissan, Chrysler, American Express, Anheuser Busch, University of California, Bayer, 3M, Estee Lauder, Target, Kohl’s, Twix, Sun Country Airlines, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Excellence in Comedy New York Awards, Supermango Media, Cave Comedy Radio, Joe Schmit, Mindware, Hell’s Kitchen Minneapolis, Anthem Heart, ProFlowers.com, Conductor, The Indiana Wildlife Federation, The Kinston Indians, Clapperclaw Music & Arts Festival.

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